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AirPhysio Mucus Clearance OPEP Device Airing on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland on Lung Health

Paul O’Brien, Managing Director of AirPhysio Mucus Clearance OPEP Device, talks to Kathy Ireland on the US TV and Bloomberg International to talk about Lung Health and the AirPhysio Mucus Clearance OPEP device.

AirPhysio talked about respiratory conditions like AsthmaCOPDBronchiectasis and Cystic Fibrosis. The Show aired to over 290 million people from over 51 countries.

In this interview which was a total of 20 minutes and 34 seconds where we discussed many respiratory conditions including Asthma, COPD and Bronchiectasis and expressed how these conditions can be compared to crowd surfing at a rock concert.

It was a visual way of explaining how the crowd acts like cilia (hairs) on the airway walls, and the person crowd surfing is like mucus, where the crowd moves the person (mucus) on top of the crowd (cilia). When there is a gap in the crowd, the person falls into the gap and stops being able to move any further.

This is an example of what happens with Bronchiectasis. I then used an analogy of myself, saying that I was heavy, and it was very hard for the crowd to move me. This is an example of COPD or Chronic Bronchitis, where the heavy mucus sits on top of the cilia (hairs), and it is hard for the crowd/cilia to move the mucus.

I then explain how AirPhysio can be used to assist this process and help get the mucus moving to help maintain and improve lung hygiene, while also assisting in expanding the lungs and maintaining maximum lung capacity. Please find below the 4-minute section which was aired on TV.

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