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Posted on Sep 18, 2018 by admin

How to Use AirPhysio?

How to Use the AirPhysio Device

  1. 1. Take a deep breathe (abdominal breath) into your lungs and fill them completely,
  2. 2. Hold your breathe for 2 to 3 seconds,
  3. 3. Place the AirPhysio device into your mouth and exhale through the device at a reasonably fast, but consistent pace for between 3-5 seconds until you empty your lungs.
  4. 4. Once your lungs are at optimal lung capacity to lift the ball bearing slightly off the cone and have it oscillating.
  5. 5. Adjust the device to have the cap facing the ceiling and tilt it until you feel maximum vibrations within your chest, try to keep cheeks stiff to help amplify the affect in your chest.
  6. 6. After exhaling through the device, you may feel mucus accumulating near the top of your lungs or at the back of your throat, if so, initiate a cough to expel the mucus. If not, the mucus will continue working up to the throat and may be swallowed as a normal process.
  7. 7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for approx. 2-3 times per minute for up to 5 minutes, taking 2 deep breaths in between each session to reduce the chance of feeling light headed.
Note: You can use AirPhysio after taking aerosol medication to improve distribution and effectiveness of medication.

Breathing Exercise for Healthy Individuals

Do the following steps prior to initiation of exercise or training.

  1. 1. Relax and assume proper posture and position.
  2. 2. Slowly inhale beyond a normal breath, but do not fill lungs completely.
  3. 3. Hold breath for 2 to 3 seconds.
  4. 4. Place AirPhysio in mouth, exhale through AirPhysio at a reasonably fast but not too forceful speed, using abdominal breathing. Do not empty lungs completely.
  5. 5. Adjust tilt to feel maximum vibrations within chest and keep cheeks stiff.
  6. 6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for 5 to 10 breaths.

This exercise may make you feel lightheaded. This is normal due to the amount of carbon dioxide being exhaled. When you feel lightheaded, take a break and breathe normally until the lightheaded feeling passes. If you try to overexert and push yourself too far, there is a chance that you may pass out and lose consciousness.


Clean AirPhysio after each therapy session and store in clean, dry location.