AirPhysio recommends that the AirPhysio respiratory device be exchanged every 6 months from date of purchase. This is to maintain the highest effectiveness and hygiene of the device.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their financial circumstances, can improve their health through better breathing, reduced impact of pollution and improved lung function.

As a part of our commitment to this vision, AirPhysio offers a ‘customer exchange’ program for its devices. After 6 months of usage, simply return your AirPhysio to our registered distributor in the country and we will:

1)  Replace your AirPhysio device at 50% of the RRP to ensure your continued benefit from using AirPhysio.

2)  AirPhysio will then sterilise and refurbish your returned device and send to an appropriate agency operating in one of many countries with underprivileged people, who are in need of these devices.

If you wish to participate in the program and to assist in helping others to also lead a better quality of life, please contact our distributor in your local region: