AirPhysio Crowd Funding Campaign

AirPhysio Crowd Funding Campaign

AirPhysio’s a Mucus Clearance and Lung Expansion device, which helps people suffering from conditions like Asthma. We’re working with associations to help send these life changing devices to the people who need them and would like your help to do this. Over 250 million people suffer just from Asthma.

This device has helped many people with respiratory conditions, and we are asking others to help us so we can help more people!

AirPhysio is already in talks with a number of Associations to work on donating devices to their members and community programs and AirPhysio is taking on the world hoping to help people to breathe easier, simply and naturally!

Please see how just 1 device has changed a child’s life, imagine what 1,000 devices can do.

Varley Frazer

My son Jet gets chronic asthma and became dependent on asthma medication, to the point where as soon as he stopped the medicine he would start getting a chest cold. Through winter he is the first one to get a cold and since his asthma started, he has never finished a cross country or any sporting events without an asthma attack and the need for a puffer.

Jet started using AirPhysio for the first time only a couple of months ago, but the results have been amazing. Not only has he not had a cold or flu so far this winter (which is an accomplishment in itself), but since starting to use the device, Jet not only finished his first cross country without an asthma attack, but he actually made it to district as well as weekly football and daily surfing.

I love this device, my son has managed to kick his dependency on medicines and he is improving his fitness. Now if only I could get him to use it every day I’d be happy.

Varley Frazer
NSW North Coast, Australia

AirPhysio Awards

AirPhysio Awards

Help us to assist in helping to improve lung health of so many people around the world.

Please help us to help others, every little bit helps!

Click on the following link and any donation is 1 step closer to helping someone else – 

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