Video Testimonials

The patient has been able to clear his chest of congestion with the AirPhysio.

Jacquie Barnes – RN1 General Practice Nurse
Croydon, Victoria

“The patient has been able to clear his chest of congestion with the AirPhysio. It has been an excellent device, easy to use and very effective. He lives in the country and could not attend a physiotherapist even if could afford to go everyday which is what he would have needed. Thank you for your help. I will be definitely recommending your product and will no doubt purchase one for our family use as it would be great.”

AirPhysio Assists to Reduce Asthma Medication Dependancy and Improves Fitness Naturally

Varley Frazer
NSW North Coast, Australia

“My son Jet gets chronic asthma and became dependent on asthma medication, to the point where as soon as he stopped the medicine he would start getting a chest cold. Through winter he is the first one to get a cold and since his asthma started, he has never finished a cross country or any sporting events without an asthma attack and the need for a puffer.

Jet started using AirPhysio for the first time only a couple of months ago, but the results have been amazing. Not only has he not had a cold or flu so far this winter (which is an accomplishment in itself), but since starting to use the device, Jet not only finished his first cross country without an asthma attack, but he actually made it to district as well as weekly football and daily surfing.

I love this device, my son has managed to kick his dependency on medicines and he is improving his fitness. Now if only I could get him to use it every day I’d be happy.”

AirPhysio Assists to Improves Sleep for Mother.

Maria Lourdes Tala

Maria Lourdes Tala
Cebu, Philippines

“I have suffered from asthma since I was a kid and the attacks got worse when I became a mother of three young active boys. My day is typically busy and I would often go to bed exhausted and then wake up the next day wheezing and needing my inhaler. A good friend of mine suggested that I try AirPhysio device and for three weeks I used the AirPhysio device every night before going to bed.

I noticed the quality of my sleep has gotten better and my breathing easier since using the device. I have not had an asthma attack since. I am so happy with the AirPhysio device that I am going to continue to use it every night to keep my asthma symptoms at bay.”

AirPhysio Helps Relieve Chest Congestion for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Julian Thurlow

Julian Thurlow
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

“I started using the AirPhysio device in January, as I have diagnosed COPD. Within a week of using the device, I experienced some real noticeable changes in my condition after using the device 3 times a day for 5 minutes.

I noticed that I was bringing up more phlegm and as a result my chest didn’t feel as tight and my breathing was becoming easier. 9 months on and I am still using the device whenever I feel my chest getting blocked up and I have become one of their biggest advocates.

AirPhysio Offers Relief Before Asthma Attack Starts 

Paul Fabella

Paul Fabella
Mandaluyong, Philippines

“I have an allergic asthma in which it triggers an attack after occasional sneezing. For years, I usually use salbutamol as my reliever.

When I started using AirPhysio, it somehow gives a relief and eases out the attack without a need for any drug. This is a great alternative for the traditional medicine for relieving an asthma attack naturally and risk free.”

AirPhysio Assists to Create Instantaneous Relief From Hard to Shake Chest Colds Naturally

Katrina Peterson
Tweed Heads NSW

I had a chest cold for about a week, I was struggling to get a good night’s sleep and I just couldn’t shake it. I used the AirPhysio device for about 5 minutes in the evening before going to bed and couldn’t believe how much mucus and phlegm that I got off my chest. That night I had the first good sleep and after using the device again the next morning I was feeling great.

I felt the results after using it just once and couldn’t believe how much better I felt after using the device. I’m not cured yet, but this has helped me on my road to recovery and I feel almost human for the first time in a week.

I would have already recommended the device to others who have a cold or flu as it really helps and you can feel it working on you.

AirPhysio – Happy User

Dr. Jon
South Australia

I am in my seventies and have had Asthma all my life. Added to this my parents smoked more than 100 cigarettes per day between them (Yes it’s true! ).
Not surprisingly I was diagnosed with COPD last year.

I am very pleased with my results from the AirPhysio for Average Lung Capacity.
I selected this model because I did not think I would still have the lung capacity to benefit from the AirPhysio Sports/Elite.

To my surprise I have only been using the Average for a month and already I feel that I can move up to the Sports/Elite.

Amazingly the thick mucus I had been experiencing has become much less of an issue and less of a drain on my energy levels – I am still working 2 days per week.

Disclaimer: Results from the use of AirPhysio may be different from person to person and we do not advise that people should stop using their Asthma medication unless under the strict advice from a medical professional.